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  • Collection: Houston Flood Museum

Copy of The boys, Grovewood muck-out - Heather Lazare.jpg
Picture during break in the mucking out process

Photograph of people wading through the flood waters at Lakeside Place Apartments complex, which was 100% flooded. Two of them carry plastic trash bags presumably filled with belongings.  This image was originally submitted as part of a collection…

Copy of Lara_and_the_Flood - Poythress Family.pdf
Narrative about my cousin's death in the midst of the hurricane

Copy of That Time When I Met Harvey - Crystal Byers.pdf
One family's rescue and evacuation

Copy of HarveyemailUpdates - Judith Oppenheim.pdf
e-mail broadcasts during storm

Copy of Changed Me_by JC Jackson - JESSICA JACKSON.pdf
It's a personal essay depicting how Hurricane Harvey changed me.
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