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Flood Gate did not work at 3 Riverway Building

Blevin Drive & Red Rugosa Drive in Houston, TX 77095 -- 3 different subdivisions lakes over flowed and merged together.

4 small boats and a jet ski worked for 2 hours delivering the guests to safety

Once the rain started, I put out a bucket to see how much rain we would get. I wound up emptying and filling almost four times. Thank G-d, our neighborhood was able to drain (mostly) with water only making it up half the front lawns. I put this pic…

Tree limb on roof after Harvey. Glenbrook Valley near Hobby Airport.

An aerial photo of a boat evacuating people and a person on a jetski towing another group of people.
A boat rests on top of flood waters in an open area with a building and trees in the background. The boat is tied by a rope to a brick and metal fence, lined with bushes. Some people use boats to bring people to safety during Hurricane Harvey…
A boat is tied to a treeon aflooded street in Houston during Hurricane Harvey recovery. Police contacted peoplewith boats in Houstonduring Hurricane Harvey recoveryto assist and bring people from flooded homes and streets to safety. Andrew White, the…
Hurricane Harvey caused severe flooding. In this photo, a red vehicle is almost completely immersed in flood water in front of a home, which also appears flooded up to the first floor windows.
Several streets and homes flooded during Hurricane Harvey. As a result, Feeding America partnered with Houston Food Bank during Hurricane Harvey to distribute food and cleaning supplies to area neighborhoods.
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