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Photograph taken in Houston

A work document talking about the process of documenting the remediation.
Photograph taken in Houston

Copy of Changed Me_by JC Jackson - JESSICA JACKSON.pdf
It's a personal essay depicting how Hurricane Harvey changed me.

A female Rice volunteer carrying hats and wicker boxes to the trash
A photograph of the rebuilding banner outside of the Cypress Creek branch.
A monologue about the state of the library during the rain.
A work document from the Branch Manager about the remediation process

My brother is a columnist for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and he invited me to take over his Sunday column in September 2017 to share what it was like to be in Houston during Harvey. This is what I wrote for that column.

The hometown I…

18 months post Harvey still brings acute pains of sorrow. The storm began before the storm with days spent preparing our home for possible flooding. 2 feet of Brays Bayou terrorized our precious home for 24 hours leaving us weeks of back breaking…
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