The Power of Dogs

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The Power of Dogs

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I've always wanted a dog growing up, but my parents always refused. When the pandemic hit, my sleep schedule started to become irregular, and I lost purpose in day to day activities. One day, my parents walked in with a puppy. A tiny, brown miniature dachshund with light blue eyes. From then on, my siblings and I took care of the dog instead of mindlessly watching Netflix. My dog would comfort me when I was upset and stuck at home. He would lick my face and make me giggle when I was crying about the stress of online classes or long distance relationships. My dog provided so much comfort and care for me, and I truly think he is the reason why the lockdown portion of the pandemic was not all too bad for me.


Anonymous, “The Power of Dogs,” Covid-19 Reflections at Rice, accessed June 12, 2024,

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