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It's been a year ago today that Harvey came and destroyed so many innocent lives and livelyhoods. It seems not too long ago, the deluge of storms and sirens going off warning of tornadoes nearby. My son sleeping through this while I stayed up…

Picture of water rescue boat on Riverview Drive from rescue boat taking us to Kirkwood and from there to Memorial Drive after house flooded from water released from reservoirs.

2017-08-30 13.29.51.jpg
The day after the storm ended, water was rising in the previously dry neighborhood between Memorial Drive and Kimberley just east of Beltway 8 as controlled releases from the reservoirs flooded Buffalo Bayou. I took my kayak out to see if there was…

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This photo was taken when we couldn't get out of house the day after Harvey flood.
A small business owner relates a story about a faint sound coming from a vehicle horn in a flooded part of West Harris County.

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Story from a Coast Guard Specialist First Class about performing rescues during Hurricane Harvey and about the impact of the storm on his own home.

It all started Aug 28,2017. I was woke you. At 1 and look out my door seening the water covering. The second step to our trailer thinking nothing of it. Went back to. Bed and getting woke up by my husband and daughter at 4 with the water up to the…

Provost Intent for Harvey Action Team.pdf
The first full evening of the storm, the Rice University Provost called me and asked that the Doerr Institute for New Leaders team with the Center for Civic Leadership to create Rice's volunteer response to the need in Houston. In order to…
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